Have You Got A Brand?

Over the past few months we have seen an increase in businesses trying to become a brand rather than a business. That sounds strange I’m sure, if you have a company surely you have a brand?

A brand is something that takes time to cement itself in, if you are looking to create a brand you have to start with the end in mind. Will your brand look outdated in a few months? Have you chosen lasting colours? Does the brand logo serve its purpose? Does the brand truly show what your company is about?

Take our brand for example, we wanted to create a logo that shows our artistic flare and come away from the usual tech designs. We have chosen soft colours to give our clients a sense of “easy going” We didn’t want a complicated logo as what we do is simple, we design beautiful websites that serve their purpose and generate business. Our marketing strategies are always broken down into simple terms so as our clients can follow, track and even take over for themselves. Every service we offer comes with a specific path outlay, so as our customers are consistently in the know and can watch their campaigns journey along the path set out. If you look at our logo, it also resembles a path!

My Business Has Been Running For Years With The Same Logo, Do I Already Have A Brand?

Yes! It’s possible that you already have a brand. However having your name out there without anyone knowing what to look for or what colours you use and so on is basically a company. A brand is something people see and instantly associate it with the business. Lets take Virgin for example, if you saw the colour red that they use on your TV just after an advert, however the logo did not show, we believe that you would associate that advert with Virgin immediately. The font that they have used is recognisable as their font and with the colour and the font they have built a lasting brand that can be widely used across a huge range of services and products. Its the same for companies like SKY, BT, TUI and many more.

If like these companies you have been servicing clients for a very long time and have used the same logo for many years, it could be worth looking into our audit service. This way you can see if your brand is working, if it needs a re-arrange and generally give you an insight into what we believe would be your best options.

I’m Pretty Sure This Is Going To Cost A Fortune!

With the package deals that are out there at the moment, Branding will not cost you the earth… or will it? If you are passing your branding over to someone who is going to design your brand and logo and they are not asking questions like:

  1. How do you conduct business?
  2. Who are your main target audience?
  3. What area’s do you want to approach?
  4. How would you best describe your business?
  5. What type of branding would make you comfortable?

Then we would suggest to either get these questions answered or move on to find someone who is interested in how your business operates and what feel you want to give off to your clients. For example, a tech company will usually want to give security along with a helpful approach. This usually means that if someone were to contact them they would not be greeted with a very bubbly character. This all reflects in the branding, after all you can’t have a funky, fun and super colourful logo if when the customer contacts you, they want to speak with you about cybercrime. Much the same as you wouldn’t produce a logo that was grey and black for a child’s nursery. Make sure when you are looking at your brand, you are also speaking with someone who wants to get to know your business and work with you to find the perfect fit.