Are You Using Social Media To Boost Business?

We love social media! It’s a fantastic way to keep your clients and audience engaged in what your company is doing. It can help you sell your services or give people a great overview of your company, allowing you to set up a portfolio that is accessible by everyone. Now you may think that you already have a website with a portfolio – “Surely our potential customers will see our work there?” And you are right, however, getting yourselves out there on social media means that your audience will grow rapidly providing you are giving your audience engaging content.

Social media platforms are superb for raising awareness about your products or brand. They have done the hard work already! They have given us all one place to go, to view all of the information given by each of us and join a big community. Social media will enable you to boost your website views by posting engaging content that clients will want to read through. Now… we are not saying that running social media accounts are easy, this is not the case. Well planned and informative content is a must, people like companies and businesses to be real with them and they use these platforms to do just that. A potential client will want to see the work you have completed, get a feel for your company by looking around your website, visit your social media accounts to see if you have any more pictures or reviews and generally get a feel for who they are about to spend money with.

What Are The Best Platforms?

This is a question that is asked all the time and to be honest, there is no right or wrong answer. All we can do is give you our opinion and the facts that we have gathered for ourselves and other clients.

  1. LinkedIn – This is by far the best platform in terms of conversion for us. We love connecting with clients via LinkedIn due to the nature of the platform. Anyone using LinkedIn knows that the platform is used for generating contacts that you can either provide a service to or require a service from. The same rules apply however, you must post engaging content and give a real feel about your services or company. This is not the best platform for holding a portfolio and isn’t used in the style that FaceBook or Twitter are used.
  2. FaceBook – Being one of the longest serving and most successful platforms, it is very difficult to overlook FaceBook. You may be someone who rarely uses it, we have even come across clients who don’t have FaceBook, however in terms of social media for your business it is a must! The average person visits FaceBook 13 times per day! and spends around 40 – 50 minutes at least each day viewing posts and content.
  3. Twitter – A great platform we find for short, sharp, punchy adverts, Twitter has a huge following and the platform itself is very interesting, you can build a superb following via Twitter and keep your audience up to date with your business.
  4. YouTube – If your business records a few video’s then YouTube is your go to platform. We find that youTube is a brilliant platform for getting engaging video’s out there for the world to see. Plus it links to your Google account which is an added benefit.

There are many other social media platforms out there that can be used to generate business and build a following for your business, the one’s listed above would be our go to guide for building a solid foundation within social media.