The Age Old Question… Is My Website Current & Up To Date?

Where do you start? Do you look at your competition to see what they are doing? Do you research what the best websites in the world are at the moment? Is it just a colour change that’s needed? Do you have the functionality that you want?

As you can see there are many questions that need answering, so we would suggest to run an audit on your existing website to see what is needed in the way of revamp and what can be kept. Once the functionality is taken care of that is when we can start to look at design.

We would usually suggest that when looking at the design, to look at all of your branding / marketing. This way you can ensure that your website is carrying your brand. We see all too many times when a company has centred on a specific branding and the website looks completely different because it has been designed by someone who simply designs websites.

You should always look at new and innovative ways to engage your audience through your website, this is why we build all of our websites on the ever popular WordPress platform. We genuinely aim to lower our clients web development costs and put the power back in your hands!

Will Moving To WordPress Help Us?

Yes! WordPress is a fantastic platform to run your website on. It will give you the power to change anything at anytime, without having to get coders involved or the inherent costs associated with web development.

WordPress also offers a range of plugins that can help you achieve pretty much anything you want to with your website! It’s easy to use and we also provide a guide so as you can make changes as you please.

We have found on average that moving to WordPress usually saves our clients up to 40% on their annual web development costs.