We Want A Video But Can’t Decide Which Direction!

Video’s are a superb way to introduce your business to your audience, we love how creative you can get with a video! The dilemma most businesses face is whether to go animation or live video route. The general consensus is that animations are for explainer and fun video’s and that live video is for stuffy corporate businesses to bore the pants off of everyone. This is 100% not the case!

Corporate giants like Barclays and British Gas use animated explainer videos and we have even encountered plumbers that are using a video to promote their services that look like they were shot in the 80’s, you know the type, brown suit, slick hair and a brief case, saying how great the service is. Basically what we are saying, is there is a place for any style of video to feature within any companies portfolio, the big difference is how you use said video. That is what we are here for, to give you options of which way to go and how best results will be achieved.

We have always felt that an animated introduction / explainer video is best as we find that these keep the audience engaged, this being said you can still achieve a great engaging video with live shots, so it really is down to personal preference. We will guide you as to what we believe would be best and show you how we have arrived at the conclusion.

Of course there are businesses out there that animated videos just do not work for. We services a car dealership a few years ago and the animated video selection just wasn’t working. The dealership had some very high end cars available and a corporate style video introduction worked fantastically. We set up our camera’s and got to work! The video looked great and had a personal feel to it along with ticking all of the corporate boxes. So as we say it really is personal preference and provided you are working with a design agency that will do just that… Work With You! then you should be just fine breaking in to the video marketing sector!